Comprehensive Security Project Management

At MBS, we're seasoned in executing numerous risk and vulnerability assessments for both commercial and residential properties annually. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of security projects, from initial requirement identification and engaging security integrators to managing the project and ensuring the efficacy of the installed systems.

We pinpoint vulnerabilities by adhering to best practice guidelines set forth by State and Federal Governments, as well as local and national law enforcement bodies.

Whether it's a newly constructed or an existing property, our assessments aim to bolster the security across various facets: property perimeters, entry points, parking areas, access control mechanisms (such as badge or key systems), video surveillance, security personnel, cyber-physical systems, IT, OT, and more.

Our recommendations are holistic. Beyond just infrastructure, we analyze local crime statistics to discern if supplementary security measures are warranted for your specific locale.

We're equipped to address a wide array of security concerns, from vandalism, ensuring employee safety, countering terrorism threats, preventing vehicle breaches, to other potential risks.

Our team of adept physical security consultants provides an array of services, encompassing site evaluations, reviewing functional security standards, goal formulation, drafting specifications, software integration, post-order evaluations, crafting standard operating procedures (SOPs), policy development, and beyond!