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At MBS, we conduct hundreds of commercial and residential property risk/vulnerability assessments each year.

We identify vulnerabilities using the best practice guidelines published by the State, Federal Government & local and national law enforcement agencies. 

We can complete an assessment of a new construction or existing property to improve the security of your property's perimeter, entrances, parking, access control systems (like badge or key access), video security systems, security guard(s) and many other factors.

We base our recommendations not only on the infrastructure, but we perform an assessment and run crime statistics for your local area to determine if additional measures may be necessary. 

Our services align with all security challenges to include vandalism, employee safety and protection, terrorism, automobile intrusions, and all other vulnerabilities.

Our highly trained professional physical security consultants offer services that include site surveys, functional security standards review, goal setting, specification writing, software integration, post orders, standard operations procedures (SOP), and more! 

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SCIFs & Secure Facilities

Mulier Bellator Security (MBS) provides a wide array of services to commercial and government contracting companies. Our security specialists provide industry expertise and strategic knowledge to plan, design, and certify security requirements for your organization or home. 

MBS also provides security training, site redesign and certification to meet your needs.

Our consulting services provide your organization with the tools it needs in order to remain in compliance with all governing policies, industry standards and procedures.

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