What do we do here at MB Security?

What do we do here at MB Security?

 I realize that when you hear “security assessment,” you’re probably thinking “definitely not for me.” I mean, what would we be “assessing” anyway, right? 


That’s actually not the case. When we say “security assessment” we mean, we will come to your home or business and give you our recommendations on where and what type of security system you need. We base this off of local crime reports, your type of home/business among many other factors.


Why do we do this? It’s simple. In our many years of law enforcement and security we’ve come to notice that home & business owners buy whatever camera is hot on the market, install it where they think they need it (i.e. front doors, back doors, etc.) and when an incident occurs they are SHOCKED that they didn’t catch the criminal.


At MBS, we aren’t just an “observe and report” type of company. We don’t want you to watch your property get stolen or vandalized. We want to prevent any crime from occurring and if it does occur, we want to catch the criminal. In order to do this, we conduct a very thorough assessment which is provided to you (crime reports, vulnerabilities of your property, etc.). Next, we install the security system for you.


If you already have cameras, that’s great! We can provide an assessment then make any move/changes you agree with.


If you don’t already have cameras or a security system, that’s ok too! We can provide you with everything along with the assessment.


Live in an apartment? Not a problem! We can provide peephole cameras, motion sensors, window & door sensors among many other security items.



We also provide flood and fire sensors that integrate with your security system.

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