Ensuring Safety and Security: The Importance of School Security Measures

Ensuring Safety and Security: The Importance of School Security Measures

First and foremost, we at MB Security sends our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences to everyone effected by recent events. The security program at The Covenant School in Tennessee was outstanding and they did the best they could to train & prepare, prevent, protect, mitigate, respond and recover from an incident like the one that occurred. This incident could have been much worse and while we mourn those lost, it is important to recognize the heroes involved and how they did the best they could to protect everyone at that school.

This article is meant to share information on how other institutions can protect themselves as well and the importance of school safety and security. 


School security is a critical issue that affects the safety and well-being of students, teachers, and staff. With the rise of school shootings and other violent incidents, it's more important than ever to ensure that schools have adequate security measures in place. In this blog post, we'll discuss the importance of school security and ways to enhance it.

Why is School Security Important?

Schools are meant to be safe and welcoming environments where students can learn and grow. However, the reality is that schools can be vulnerable to security threats, including violence, bullying, and cyber threats. School security is important because it helps ensure the safety and security of students, teachers, and staff, and provides a supportive learning environment.

Ways to Enhance School Security

  1. Conduct a Security Assessment: A security assessment can help identify potential security vulnerabilities and assess the effectiveness of existing security measures. This can help schools develop effective security plans that address specific security risks.

  2. Implement Access Control Measures: Access control measures, such as locked doors, security cameras, and visitor check-in systems, can help prevent unauthorized individuals from entering school premises. It's also important to have a clear protocol for managing visitors and ensuring that they are authorized to be on school premises.

  3. Develop an Emergency Response Plan: An emergency response plan should be developed to address potential security threats, such as active shooter situations, natural disasters, and medical emergencies. The plan should be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it's effective in responding to new threats.

  4. Provide Security Training: Security training should be provided to students, teachers, and staff to help them recognize potential security threats and respond appropriately. This can include training on emergency procedures, security protocols, and the importance of reporting suspicious activity.

  5. Address Cybersecurity Threats: Cybersecurity threats, such as cyberbullying and hacking, can also impact school security. It's important for schools to have adequate cybersecurity measures in place, including firewalls, password management policies, and cybersecurity awareness training for students and staff.

By conducting a security assessment, implementing access control measures, developing an emergency response plan, providing security training, and addressing cybersecurity threats, schools can enhance their security and provide a safe and supportive learning environment.

At MB Security, we complete all 5 tasks and ensure you maintain the security integrity of your institution. This includes vulnerability assessments, risk assessments and the management of the findings. Management might include rewriting policy and procedures, updating security plans, coordinating action plans with local first responders, federal entities, and more.

MB Security conducts school security assessments for no charge. Ever. 

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