Home Security - The Basics

Home Security - The Basics

Security = To be free from danger or threat.

Many of us have a false sense of security because we live in a “good neighborhood” or simply because it’s never happened to us. I mean, why would it? Why would a criminal go out of their way to break into my home and take my belongings or cause harm to me and my loved ones? Averaging about 2 burglaries a minute, these crimes have gone down over the last 20 years and this can most definitely be correlated to the beautiful gift of technology. Home security systems deter criminals; it’s a strong correlation to the reduction in crimes of this nature.


Are you safe? Is your family safe? Or has this massive responsibility of home protection fallen on your 15-pound dog?

Image 1. Security Dog. Being this cute is definitely a crime.


Now just because you went to your nearest electronics store or made a quick online purchase does not mean your cameras are effective. This is where our services at Mulier Bellator Security are needed. Where are the weakest points of your property? Could a criminal walk right into your house? If a criminal walked through your front door would your security cameras capture enough evidence to catch them? Did you know that over 75% of these crimes go unsolved because of lack of evidence? I know these questions might be making you a bit anxious and raising some concerns, but they should be.



Image 2. Burglar Caught on Tape.


According to the FBI Crime Statistics, over 1 million burglaries occurred in 2018 in which over 56% involved forcible entry. So let’s say this happens to you… You coincidentally happen to be right there totting your brand spankin’ new firearm or maybe you happen to be dicing some veggies and are armed with your kitchen knife. Are you confident in your ability to defend yourself? If you are do you have to cause bodily harm to this individual or these individuals? Can you defend yourself in court? Can you prove this was self-defense? Or what if they see you standing there, waiting to defend your land and run away. Will they return? Or will they aim for a less capable target like your grandmother? Or your less capable neighbor? While I hope this never happens, it’s better to be prepared – proactive rather than reactive.



Image 3. Burglar Caught on Tape #2. Example of a low quality camera. If these cameras were better quality, this person could've been identified.


The world is a scary place, but at MBS we want to make sure this never happens to you. By thoroughly assessing your property, whether it be your apartment, house, or business, we can determine how to reduce this risk.


Our Process:

Step 1

We first determine the likelihood of this happening to you by completing a vulnerability assessment. This is done by researching local crime statistics, working with local law enforcement agencies and determining the probability of a crime occurring at your residence or business as well as the types of crimes you might be at risk of (based on the history of crimes in your area).


Step 2

Next, we assess your property and determine how many cameras, motion sensors, video doorbells and other hardware are needed to cover your entire property or as much of your property that is required based on your vulnerability assessment.


Step 3

Last, we install the hardware you decide you’d like and we show you exactly how it works and how to use the online portal.


There is no better feeling than that of safety. A criminal will attempt to walk up to your house, see your MBS logo in the window, your security cameras and the “maybe not this one” is sure to cross their minds. THAT is security and that is exactly what MBS wants to give you. Monitor your peace of mind.




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