Business/Commercial Security - The Basics

Business/Commercial Security - The Basics

Before we continue breaking down home security, I wanted to take some time and go over business/commercial security. This is similar in strategy to home security except now you have the added component of customers and goods. We will break this down into three categories; Business and Commercial Security as a whole then Venue Security and lastly, Infrastructure Security.

Business and Commercial Security

 I’ve been in this industry over 15 years and what I’ve noticed is that business owners and managers tend to spend thousands of dollars on mediocre security systems that monitor the front door, their cash register and their expensive product isle(s) (i.e. electronics, etc.). That’s great and all, but what they don’t monitor is their employees.

The last few years in loss prevention has taught me that employees can cause more damage than a criminal trying to steal small items. Employees tend to have greater access to these items that are in areas that aren’t surveilled. Not to mention, they become familiar with blind spots within your security surveillance system. I’m not saying to treat your employees like they are going to steal from you; what I’m saying is, it is important to foster an environment that has zero tolerance for unethical behavior while having faith in your workforce.


Next, the security system. Most of the businesses that I’ve assessed use outdated or poor quality cameras. They love having the big screen display of their live camera footage in their office and feel as though they can check off “security” on their business plan. This inefficacy is usually why certain business become a target for criminal activity. At Mulier Bellator Security, we assess your business based on over 100 different factors to include entry points, where your goods are stored, location of high valued items, popular items and vulnerabilities.


If someone wanted to steal from you, could they? Could they do so without being caught? If you turned your security footage over to police, would the police be able to identify the assailant? Better yet, did your security system even record the event?


Now on to Closed Circuit Television. CCTV is great; it gives business owners the ability to have control over how they monitor their business - but you are still limited. If you want to change the layout of your business or introduce new products, you now have to have a security installation technician come in and move your cameras around – this can be costly. Maybe you know the added expense “isn’t worth it” so you move things around and don’t bother to adjust the cameras. Without adjusting the cameras, you’ve now increased your vulnerability and increased the risk for possible incidents such as theft. This is why I am a huge fan of wireless security systems. You might be thinking, “Can my WiFi handle the additional devices?” the answer is, yes. When we install wireless cameras at your home or business we provide these types of solutions; Wifi amplifiers, after market modems and routers, etc. – anything you need to maintain safety and decrease vulnerability.

Lastly, guards. Mulier Bellator Security is expanding its security efforts to include armed and unarmed guards, but we plan to do so effectively. At MBS we are changing the way this industry provides security. There are times I’ve walked into a commercial building and the armed guard sitting at the front desk is on their phone or just gazing into the distance thinking of anything other than keeping you and their place of business safe. I understand the “observe and report” concepts of physical security; you put someone who has their guard card/license and maybe their open carry firearm license at your front desk. If they see any criminal activity, they call the police – this is great. Now my question is, do you think your average criminal is going to be deterred by this? Is your current security force physically capable to prevent or stop an incident? In my experience, the answer is “No.” Almost all of these security guards companies do not provide ANY effective training. Maybe their big corporate company sends them a power point demonstration of how to observe and report in which the guard skims through it and then signs the “yep, I went to training” form. At MBS, our guards will go through hands on training. Depending on your needs, we can provide an observe and report physical security team. Or, we can provide you with guards who have the ability to make arrests and work with local law enforcement and effectively combat crime. Our guards will have access to resources to keep them in good physical shape, keep them healthy and happy, as well as subject matter experts in the security field. Our guards are aware of local law, your company policies and exactly what their post requires of them. This is safety. This is security. (Stay tuned for our security guard program - Coming Soon!)


Venue Security 


You host concerts, events, or just a company outing. You have your permits approved and now you need a security company to assist. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a festival and I see the big business security companies who’ve won the contract and now they've just thrown a bunch of random guards at these events and expect everything to be ok. It is not ok.


We live in a world where criminals are opportunists; terrorists are opportunists. Does your guard have any training or experience in crowd control? If something were to happen and everyone needs to evacuate, does your security guard know what to do when hundreds or thousands of people are screaming and running in every direction possible? The answer is probably not. A few years ago I went to a Taco Festival in San Diego; it was PACKED. There were vendors and restaurants from all over California as well as hundreds of people. At the end of the festival the vendors packed up and people started leaving in herds. Where were the security guards? How were they guiding the crowd? I have no idea. There were no guards in sight. The event ended at 8pm and by 8:01pm the guards were already gone. People poured into the streets and parking lots creating chaos and tons of safety hazards. Not so safe. (This is why the lowest bid is not always the best one!) At MBS, we stay until the job is done. Our employees are compensated not just for their time, but for the quality of their work. Our mission is to keep people safe and a clock does not determine when that mission is over. (Stay tuned for our security guard program - Coming Soon!)


Infrastructure Security


Infrastructure security is exactly what is sounds like; the security of your infrastructure. Meaning the security of the building or office itself. If someone tried to break in after hours, would they be successful? Would you have enough evidence to catch them or prevent it from happening again?


This also incorporates other aspects of physical security other than cameras and security guards. For example, how do customers and employees enter the building or store? After hours, how do you enter the property? Do you use a key? Who has those keys? Can copies of the key easily be made? Is there an inventory of keys? Do you use a badge system? Who issues those badges? Who has a badge? These are just a few of the questions we answer when we provide a security assessment.

There are many pieces to infrastructure security, from lighting to cameras and guards. All of these things are detrimental. If a criminal was going to sneak into your building at night, when would your cameras pick up their activity? Is their mobile or stationary lighting to deter them? If you’re overwhelmed by all of this, I understand. This is where MBS comes in and takes this burden off of you. This is why Mulier Bellator Security is the best at what we do. We answer all of these questions, identify the vulnerabilities and mitigate risk. We keep you safe.


I’m sure as a business and/or property owner I just gave you tons of things to think about or discrepancies to fix. Luckily for you, that’s what we’re here for. MBS is leading the way in security. We aren't using tired old systems that don't work and are outdated. We've mastered security fundamentals that historically have been effective and paired them with technological advances to better protect you and the people & things you care about. We've compiled decades of research and "lessons learned" from national security experts, federal agents, law enforcement agencies and psychological profiles of criminals and criminal activity to provide you the most secure and most cost effective security solutions.


We can also provide or solve any loss prevention issues or investigations, among many other services. Complete our contact form to request a quote for your business, venue and/or property security vulnerability assessment.


Choose safety and monitor your peace of mind



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